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Steve Bailey – Last Anthem
"We had no reservations at all about hiring Upstaged Design as they came highly recommended from a friend. Our website is now visually much improved as well as being much easier to use.  It looks clean, professional and totally appropriate for it's purpose. Editing and making changes is also much quicker and very user friendly.  The new website will be beneficial in terms of communicating the right message to our potential customers. We would absolutely recommend Upstaged Design. Their can do attitude and attention to detail was second to none. The price we paid offered value for money too."

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Responsive Web Design

If you are contacting promoters, venues, blogs or labels with your music it is massively important that you have a quality website at your disposal to showcase your image and sound. Without a great looking site you are going to struggle to be taken seriously by anyone in the music industry and I can guarantee that you have been missing out on opportunities. Our team create attention grabbing, quality websites that work flawlessly on both computers and mobile devices. A quality website can bring a huge increase in fans, gigs and revenue.

Branding & Identity Design

The most basic thing you can have to boost your online profile is a solid logo. You should use this for everything you do online and offline. We design eye catching logos that people remember. Maybe you feel that you don’t quite need a website yet and you are only just beginning to build your brand as a musician? Firstly let me tell you that your wrong and you do need a website. But if you are adamant that you don’t want a website then you at least need a logo.

Social Media Management

As well as needing a quality website, it is also extremely important that your social media pages are well designed and resonate well with your music and target audience. If a first time visitor lands on your social media page and it is not up to standards, then believe me they won’t stick around for long! If they land on page that looks great and resonates with them then they are guaranteed to stick around, explore your page, check out your posts and listen to your sounds. We can bring life to your social media pages and ensure visitors stick around to hit play.

Promotional Products

Do you have an upcoming event or tour and you are looking for effective promotional materials to maximise its success? Providing your audience with something tangible connects with them on another level. It allows you to build on the relationships you have and trigger new ones with brand exposure. We design posters, leaflets, stickers, lanyards, set lists, cd covers, clothing – anything you need. We make sure your brand is seen in the best light that resonates with your audience.


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The Internet, more than any other invention, has transformed our society.  It is the great equaliser, it places individuals on an equal footing with even the biggest multi national corporations.